Jade Jones: I had to grow up much faster after winning London 2012 gold

By Anna Kessel | The Guardian | Friday 25 April 2014

“Jade Jones was a fresh-faced teenager when she became the first Briton to win Olympic gold in taekwondo, at London 2012. Despite competing in a sport that rarely received national media coverage, she saw her profile rocket overnight and the girl who “liked kicking people in the head” found herself appearing on the Jonathan Ross Show, and suddenly recognised in the street.… Read the rest

Olympic taekwondo preview

Joel Gonzalez

By Bette Marston, SI.com

“There are several common misconceptions about the Olympic sport of taekwondo. No, it’s not a competition to see who can scream the loudest, even though at competitions, the air is punctuated with competitors’ ‘Ki-haps!’ No, taekwondo is not the same as karate — karate originated in Japan, while taekwondo is from Korea (and the Koreans take immense pride in their national sport, and have said they will be “treated as traitors” if they don’t win four gold medals, like they did in Beijing).… Read the rest

Carmen Marton is Australia’s one and only female taekwondo competitor to head to London

masTaekwondo.com | Australia /  / 2012/06/30

“The 25-year-old will join Australia‘s only male taekwondo competitor Safwan Khalil, who also happens to be her fiancé, at the prestigious competition, which starts on 23 July. … Mr Khalil’s brother Ali was selected as the Olympic coach.… Read the rest

François Coulombe-Fortier eyeing taekwondo medal in London

Francois Coulombe-Fortier (left) practices in Quebec City.

Daniel Girard Sports Reporter

“Like many youngsters, François Coulombe-Fortier tried team sports. … Soccer and basketball were on the agenda growing up in Quebec City. While they were fun, they weren’t the sports he could get really excited about. … But at age 7, while attending summer camp, Coulombe-Fortier saw taekwondo for the first time during a demonstration.… Read the rest

Sport guide: Taekwondo

 By Eurosport | London Spy – Tue, Jun 5, 2012 17:34 BST

“A demonstration sport in 1988 and 1992, taekwondo became a medal sport in 2000 and will be making its fourth full appearance at the Games. … The aim is to accumulate points by landing kicks and punches on your opponent’s scoring zones, with one point for a valid kick or punch to the torso, two for a valid spinning kick and four for a turning kick to the head.… Read the rest

London Test Event this weekend


By Bill Kellick

“The U.S. Taekwondo Team is getting a sneak peak this week at the venues and operations of the ExCel Center in London during the London Test Event. 2012 Olympic hopefulsTerrence Jennings (Alexandria, Va.), Diana Lopez (Sugar Land, Texas), Steven Lopez(Sugar Land, Texas) and Paige McPherson(Sturgis, S.D.), along with National Team Coaches Jean Lopez and Juan Moreno, and Team Leader Meredith Miller are touring the areas that will be used for the Taekwondo competition and the training venues that the U.S.… Read the rest