Statistics and Magnetic Socks Shape Modern Tae Kwon Do

A new effort to college data could bring more order to this “messy” martial art

By Chris Gorski and Inside Science News Service

This story was originally published by Inside Science News Service. … (ISNS) — It’s tempting to call some Olympic events, such as wrestling, judo and taekwondo, ‘messy sports’ because it’s difficult to quantify exactly how much any given factor contributes to success in each competition.… Read the rest

New Taekwondo President Vows To Bring Glory To Nigeria


“The seventh President of the Nigeria’s Taekwondo Federation (NTF), George Ashiru has said that he will lead the federation to bring glory to the country. …”

“… Speaking on Channels Television programme, Sports Tonight, Mr Ashiru said the federation is focus at winning gold in the next Olympics.… Read the rest

British Journal of Sports Medicine: How the New Taekwondo Rules Have Decreased the Injuries and Concussions Since 2008

By Paul Viscogliosi


“Before 2008, the rules of taekwondo to score points required powerful feet or hand movements to the trunk and feet movements to the head. Under this system the insurance statistics (Statistics of Mutuelle des Sports France) showed that taekwondo was a safe sport and that concussion was rare.

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London Olympic Taekwondo Closes by Making History

By World Taekwondo Federation News

“If there is one story that of the London 2012 Olympic Games that embodies the spirit, values, and ideals of Olympism, it is the final medal matches of the tekwondo competition. … Italian Carlo Molfetta won the men’s +80kg in one of the most dramatic and exciting matches of the London Games, and perhaps taekwondo’s Olympic history.… Read the rest