About Us


Founded in New York in 2009, TaekwondoScience is the premiere resource for martial artists. Our mission is to study Taekwondo scientifically in order to provide information and analytics for Taekwondo athletes and coaches across the globe.


Our CEO:

Isaac Michaels, MPH is the company’s CEO and founder. He studied mathematics, anthropology, and physics at Binghamton University, and then received his masters degree in epidemiology from the University at Albany School of Public Health. Mr. Michaels has 20 years of Taekwondo training, and is passionate about supporting scientific inquiry and investigation in Taekwondo.


Our Philosophy:

Taekwondo is inherently scientific: movements can be envisioned geometrically, combinations can be informed by algorithms, hits can be described by physics, fights can be modeled with mathematics, strategies can be informed by game theory, and athletic performance can be optimized with applied knowledge of biology, sports medicine, and health sciences. Yet despite Taekwondo’s extensively scientific basis, Taekwondo is rarely taught or discussed in terms of science and mathematics. By studying the synergies between its technical and traditional elements, martial artists will redefine Taekwondo’s limits.


What We Do:

TaekwondoScience is a learning platform for martial artists. We share Taekwondo news stories as well as emerging scientific research on health and performance for Taekwondo athletes.

TaekwondoScience also provides personal analytics services through our Fighter Analysis Report. Taekwondo athletes and coaches send us videos of themselves (or potential opponents) competing in sparring competition; we conduct a systematic performance analysis and then write an original report. Athletes and coaches can use this report to identify strengths and weaknesses, to develop improved strategies, and to focus their training.


What’s Next:

TaekwondoScience continues to add great content to www.TaekwondoScience.com, and will increasingly incorporate updates about Taekwondo-related epidemiology and biomechanics research. More online contests and tournaments are on the way as well.

Beyond this, TaekwondoScience is in the early stages of developing technology for tomorrow’s athletes that will provide them with the metrics and real-time analysis that will bring the sport to a new level. Many more exciting things are to follow!



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