Enter The Diplomat – U.N.’s Ban gets black belt

By Peter Rutherford | Reuters

“(Reuters) – Representatives at the United Nations may think twice about crossing Ban Ki-moon in future after the secretary-general was awarded an honorary 10th degree black belt in the Korean martial art of taekwondo. … While is unclear whether the 68-year-old Ban can break bricks with his bare hands, World Taekwondo Federation president Choue Chung-won said the awarding of the black belt reflected the common goals and values shared by the UN and federation. …”

“… ‘I am delighted to have presented UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon with our prestigious black belt,’ Choue said in a statement. … ‘The black belt is a globally-recognized symbol of expertise across the martial arts and awarding it to the secretary-general represents how strongly matched the WTF’s values are with the United Nations.’ …”

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