World Taekwondo Federation Nominated for Peace and Sport Award

By World Taekwondo Federation News

“The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) has been nominated for International Sports Federation of the Year at the Peace and Sport International Forum in Sochi, Russia for the outstanding contribution to communities in developing nations made by its groundbreaking WTF Peace Corps initiative. … The WTF Peace Corps was founded in 2008 to help promote peace, understanding of cultures and Olympic values through taekwondo. The initiative operates in all five Olympic continents, with active involvement across the WTF’s 204 member national associations. To date, nearly 900 taekwondo volunteers have been dispatched to 174 locations in 86 countries. … The WTF President and founder of the WTF Taekwondo Peace Corps, Chungwon Choue, commented on the importance of the Foundation’s work: … ‘It is a real honor to be nominated for such a prestigious award, and the global taekwondo family should be proud to be recognized for the contribution we are making to the Olympic Movement. The WTF Peace Corps does some great work in providing resources for children to enjoy and play in communities where, sometimes, the chance to play is limited. The programme aims to teach understanding and friendship to the youth of the world through taekwondo training while, simultaneously, encouraging cultural exchange and bonds between different corners of the world.’ …”

“… The next phase in the WTF Peace Corps’ development will be to create regional and local Taekwondo Peace Corps, in order to increase the frequency and reach of programmes and ensure each is finely tuned to the individual needs of communities in the developing world. …”

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